Mariza Fotiou


Mariza Fotiou is the founder of CuriousIQ. With a strong passion of enhancing people’s lives and helping them succeed through changing their career, Mariza envisioned CuriousIQ as a means to provide equal education to underprivileged groups and make them part of the ever expanding tech industry.
Mariza lives in London UK and she works for BP as Vice President of Digital Product Design. Previously she held various managerial roles with HSBC Private Bank both in NY and London with latest position as Digital Chief Operating Officer. With over 14 years of experience Mariza is passionate about Digital and believes strongly in the ever growing demand of the industry. She is a Mental Health champion in her professional community and a supporter of diversity and inclusion. She holds a Masters in Finance from Baruch College, NY and a Business Administration Degree from Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus.

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Konstantinos Karagiannis

Head of Education

Data Analytics

Konstantinos returned to Greece after a decade being abroad. He holds a BEng in Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences from NTUA and a MSc in Mathematics and Finance from the University of Oxford. He has been through various industries with his epicenter always being analytics. He has worked for the financial and banking industry working for ClientKnowledge (now part of EBS) and Deutsche Bank before moving to Berlin joining the start-up scene working for HelloFresh. Coming back to Greece he has been advising and working for bigger but also smaller start-ups as well as more mature companies. His interests are around politics, sociology, history and various forms of art.

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Babak Takand

Head of Education

Software Development

Babak lives in London where he is working as a consultant for ECS, specialising in software development, artificial intelligence/machine learning, analytics and automation. He has worked with clients in banking, and oil & gas industry, developing data driven software solutions, as well as leading R&D projects in AI/ML space. In the past he has worked with small sized startups, also working with ML and analytics.

He comes from an academic background, with several years of experience teaching at university level, and working as a researcher in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. He holds a BSc and MSc in Computer Science, and MPhil in Operations Research.  

Amongst his other interests, Babak is particularly passionate about research, teaching and accessibility to learning.

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Panagiotis Soulos


Panagiotis has over 12 years of experience mainly in information technology and information security in the financial and banking sector. He holds a BSc in Informatics and an MSc in Information Security. He is currently working as an Information Security Officer at Intrum and in parallel he volunteers as Secretary at the (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter. 

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Epaminondas Farmakis
Senior Advisor

Epaminondas is the founder of HumanRights360.  He has over twenty years’ experience in civil society having allocated more than $1.1 bn to more than 1,300 nonprofits in over 65 countries.  Epaminondas is known for his nonprofit management and fundraising skills and while a believer in philanthropy is eager to introduce new impact driven programs and innovation needed in the sector.


His previous positions include Managing Director, Solidarity Now, created by the Open Society Foundations; Director, EEA Norway Grants NGO Fund in Greece, the Bodossaki Foundation; President and CEO of the philanthropic advisory unit elpis SA; COO, Stavros Niarchos Foundation; and Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch. Postgraduate work in the US Senate at the office of the Minority Leader followed joint MBA and MSFS degrees at Georgetown University. Epaminondas believes in advocacy and communication as a tool for awareness and positive change and is featured in Greek and international media.

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