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Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Course Details

CuriousIQ’s Data Analytics programme is designed for students with a strong interest in Analytics and would like to advance their knowledge with hands-on experience using the latest technologies in the world of data. Completing this course will provide you with the necessary tools to solve the most common problems faced by any organisation through analysing their data. You will be able to uncover patterns in the data, understand and build KPIs, perform Ad-Hoc analytics and understand how to build Dashboards and Reports that the C-level wants to look into. Ultimately you will compete for jobs in the data analytics space which will help you advance your career.


The programme consists of three learning trimesters:

In the first trimester we will focus on foundational modules around statistics and probability with some practical implementation examples on Excel. This will build a solid foundation on which we will build the rest of the course.


In the second trimester we will move into more in-depth analytics around Excel & SQL looking at the foundations and usage of both software. You will be able to construct and run SQL queries that collect data of interest, use this data to make graphs, pivots and extract basic statistics using Excel among others.


In the third trimester we will dive even deeper in analytics and explore the use of python with some hands-on implementation, use the main data libraries companies use like Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn etc. and lastly we will learn about the basics of visualizations and run some fun examples.

Duration: 6 months

Cost: €1849

Free for refugees, migrants and other minority groups. Evaluation and assessment will be conducted at the interview stage.

Registration Process

You can register to the course by registering in the link below. We have an assessment process for all interested students. This includes:


  • Math Test - Intermediate knowledge required (high school level)

  • English Test - Intermediate knowledge required (B1/B2) 


Other requirements: 

  • Basic computer knowledge

  • Asylum seeker's card / residence's permit or unemployment card (if applicable)

  • 6+ hours / week commitment

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