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Short courses

Are you looking to expand your knowledge around the most high-in-demand courses to take your career to the next level? Are you unemployed and looking to upskill yourself?

Whatever the case we have something for you!

Explore our courses and select what's best for you.

Statistics & Excel

Do you want to learn the basics of Statistics while learning Excel?


We will learn about Descriptive Statistics, Correlation, Regression, Introduction to Probabilities and Normal Distribution, as well as all the aforementioned in Excel plus cleaning, formatting, highlighting, analyzing and visualizing data!

Duration: 8 weeks

Cost: €549


Python is the latest programming 

language you should know to progress your career.


We will cover the basics of programming in Python and dive into Pandas and Matplotlib/Seaborn libraries for cleaning and analyze data (EDA), as well as visualize and identify patterns from real-world datasets. 

Duration: 10 weeks

Cost: €709


Learn the most popular query language used by a Data Analyst.


You will dive into the world of SQL and data, learn the theory of Databases, use real-life datasets using Microsoft's Server Management System and present your SQL and Analysis with your findings from real-life use case.

Duration: 6 weeks

Cost: €329

Data Visualisation

Data Visualization is the completion of your analysis.


Learn Data Visualization best practices and create charts using Python, Excel and Power BI for dashboards. At the end, a final project will be given using your knowledge in Python and Power BI, as well as your analytical skills to provide insights. 

Duration: 3 weeks

Cost: €149

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