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Success stories

Bertrand's story

Meet Bertrand

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CuriousIQ had a huge impact in my life. The teachers are very talented, and they offer a huge amount of help. It was so exciting and amazing. 


The courses and classes were on point. Probability and statistical models, ‘Microsoft Excel’, ‘Power BI’, ‘SQL language’, ‘Python programming language’ and especially ‘Tableau (Data visualization)’ which helped me to develop myself as a Data analyst. 


Now that CuriousIQ put me on the right path, I'm eager to learn more about advanced programs like ‘Machine learning’ and ‘JavaScript’ to gain more knowledge and experience for my future.

Meet Rosine

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-17 at 1.37.31 PM.jpeg

Our first student to get hired by Pfizer Greece, as Service Centre Analyst. 

''CuriousIQ has changed my life. When I started the data analytics course, I started to get motivated and inspired by all the people who work and volunteer there. Little by little I began to have hope again and I thought maybe I have a chance. 
Today, I am grateful to CuriousIQ for offering me the environment to learn and develop professionally.
I urge students, especially single mothers, to try and enrol in Curious IQ classes as this can open many doors and can change someone's future.''

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