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Terms of use


This website, hereinafter referred to as "Website" (, belongs to the civil non-profit company (AMKE) under the name "CuriousIQ" based in Athens (14 Miaouli Str., Agia Paraskevi).

Please read carefully these terms of use and the requirements and conditions of service that apply to all visitors of our Website, before visiting the Website or using the services provided through it. In case you disagree with the terms of use, you should leave our Website and not use it further. Using the Website, is presumed that you accept the terms of use.

Amendment of the terms of use

CuriousIQ holds the right to amend the terms of use of the Website whenever it considers it necessary. All amendments enter into force as soon as they are available on the Website. 

Users/visitors of our Website should check for possible changes of the terms of use. Since they keep using the Website after the publication of the new terms of use, it is presumed that they accept the amendments made.

Intellectual property rights

The entire content of the Website is object of intellectual property rights of CuriousIQ and it is governed by national, European, and international provisions of Intellectual Property Law, with the exception of explicitly recognized third party rights. Therefore, it is forbidden to reproduce, re-publish, copy, sell, broadcast, distribute, publish, translate, modify in any way, partially or summarized, without referring to the source, and it is provided to visitors strictly for their personal use, i.e. non-commercial and not-for-profit use, without prior written authorization by CuriousIQ.

The same applies to logos and distinctive features of CuriousIQ or third parties associated with it, whose display in the Website does not constitute transfer or license or entitlement to their use. 

Exceptionally, it is allowed to save and copy individually parts of the content in a simple personal computer for strictly personal use, without the intention of commercial or other benefit and always on the condition of referring to the source, without this meaning in any case conferring intellectual property rights. 

Anything appearing on the Website and constitutes object of third parties’ intellectual property rights falls exclusively within the scope of their liability.


CuriousIQ, without guaranteeing and, thus, being liable for, makes a great effort so that the information and the entire content of the Website is accurate, clear, adequate, complete, correct, and available to use or access. Under no circumstances, including that of negligence, is it possible that CuriousIQ is liable for any damage possibly caused to the public due to the use of the Website.

Advertisements of any kind that can be included in the Website fall within the scope of the present terms of use in the absence of express opposite statement.

CuriousIQ does not guarantee the uninterrupted and free-of-error provision of its applications and content. The information and services are provided “as-is”, without any explicit or indirect guarantee. Also, the Website does not guarantee that either it or its servers, through which it becomes available to you, are free of viruses or other harmful features.

In particular, CuriousIQ is, under no circumstances, liable for legal claims, of civil or criminal nature, brought forward by visitors/ users of the Website or third parties, nor for any damages or loss of profits somehow related to the function or dysfunction and/or the use of the Website and/or the inability to provide the services or/and the information provided by it and/or due to possible unauthorized third party interventions in products and/or services and/or information provided through it.

Obligations of users of the Website

Users/visitors of the Website should, on the one hand, comply with Greek, European and International law provisions, the tele-communications legislation, morality, the present terms of use, and, on the other hand, they should abstain from any unlawful behaviour or abuse while using the Website.

Using the Website must take place exclusively for lawful purposes and in a way that does not limit or prevent others from using it smoothly and users/visitors must abstain from any act or omission that may cause damage or dysfunction to the Website, and influence negatively or jeopardise the provision of services on behalf of CuriousIQ.

Use of the Website takes place at the initiative of the users/visitors, with their own equipment and software, and they are responsible for protecting their equipment from viruses, external threats/attacks among others, and from other malicious software. 

Liability for third parties’ content

The Website and CuriousIQ are not liable for the content and services of other websites to which they refer through hyper-links, nor do they guarantee their availability. Reference to other websites is of assistance to the user and, under no circumstances, does it create any kind of commitment of CuriousIQ. Additionally, any problems caused while using or visiting the websites to which the Website refers fall exclusively within the scope of the respective websites’ liability, to which users should address. 

Collection and Processing of personal data

CuriousIQ may collect and process personal data of users or third parties, to provide them the aforementioned services. Collection and processing of personal data takes place in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (GDPR), the national implementing law 4624/2019 and the directives, recommendations, and decisions of the National Data Protection Authority and in accordance with the legal bases under the aforementioned legal framework, as described in the Personal Data Processing Notice of CuriousIQ which you are requested to read carefully.

The Website, also, uses cookies in order to improve your experience when using it. You are requested to read the Cookie Policy of the Website and find out more about the cookies the Website uses and how you can activate or control them.

Change of content

The information and content included within the Website is subject to changes at the free will of CuriousIQ without prior notice.

terms of use
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