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Our Manifesto

CuriousIQ Manifesto

2020 has been a year of great transformation but also despair for many people. The technology sector has seen an incredible boom responding to the rapidly increasing needs of governments, the medical sector as well as any other company that needed to operate online in order to serve their customer base due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19. Jobs that historically deemed as back office have now become the client facing roles in an organization. This created a plethora of opportunities in the digital space with many different specialties. At the same time COVID-19 created a big unemployment gap. Companies are going out of business having to lay off large numbers of people that were performing more traditional/analog jobs. CuriousIQ was created to close this gap by re/up-skilling people to enter the growing in demand tech sector focusing on people coming from underprivileged communities in Greece. We believe that all people should have access to free and qualitative education without any discrimination to create opportunities for increased employability. This is our manifesto, the core of what brought all of us together now and what we strongly believe in. 

We are a team of curious, restless minds thirsty for knowledge, creativity and evolution. We believe in the power of education and the freedom this gives any human being in changing their lives. We came together ‘online’ during lockdown with one mission: ‘To serve those in need to transform their lives’. We believe in a world where all people are equal and where education is accessible to all. Technology and the digital world are our playground where everything is possible. In a world of inequality, injustice and insecurity, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we   joined hands to support those most in need. Each one of us brings a very strong quality which combined delivers towards our mission.

Our ultimate goal is to improve the lives of individuals living in underserved communities and the best way to do so is by working collaboratively with other organizations – NGOs, governmental or private sector institutions – that also deliver vital services to these communities. At the same time, we want to involve the communities we serve in the design, implementation and evaluation of our projects. This way not only will we have a reliable, in depth knowledge of the communities’ needs but we also ensure that the latter are empowered to undertake future projects themselves. Together we can do better!

Furthermore, we believe that all third sector stakeholders can complement, but not replace, the role and primary responsibility of governments to promote equitable human development, defend the rights and well-being of their people and protect ecosystems. 

We stand for Equality, Inclusion, Integrity and Transparency.

We strongly believe that our CuriousIQ's future and raison d'être lie in a fair balance between our role as providers of qualitative education and our willingness to promote social change. We believe in sustainability and progress and we are confident that this balance will help us build a more responsible and equitable society, ensuring the inclusion of all people.

Yours truly,

CuriousIQ team

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