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Join our campaign! Educate, empower and build a brighter future for women 🚀

CuriousIQ: A modern education NGO to inspire women and foster a new, empowered generation.

We believe in the power of education and the freedom it gives any human being in changing their lives.

In our journey so far we have offered to dozens of people knowledge, tools, and experiences that have helped them make education and employment one of the best parts of their lives for the past year. But now that CuriousIQ has grown, we need a stronger foundation, and thus your help, to continue to support more people in becoming fully engaged in the civic, social, economic, and cultural life of Greece.

Gender inequalities are prevalent in Greece’s society, particularly in education and the workplace. Even compared to the rest of the European Union, the number of women in higher education and employment is quite low.

For this reason, CuriousIQ has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund a new project aimed at developing a programme to nurture, support, and empower women, with a focus on migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and other discriminated women, by addressing the barriers and hurdles that they commonly face at work, both in companies and in voluntary organisations. The programme will include a mix of learning and mentoring, which will help to build a network of female leaders who can support and empower one another.

For more details on our campaign and to make a donation click the link below:

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