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Software Development

Software development

Course details

Our Software Development course is a well-rounded introduction to the word of programming and software development. It is intended for students who are keen on learning how to program, build software, and wish to pursue a career in software development or related areas where programming skill is a requirement. The skills you will gain through this course are essential for any viable interview candidate in the software industry.

During this course you will be gaining the essential skills to write your own software, which you will have the opportunity to apply and practice hands on within the course’s workshop sessions, and you will be introduced to the latest concepts, technologies and practices used throughout the industry.  

The first half of the course is dedicated to teaching you programming with the Python programming language, while in the second half of the course you will learn how to work with databases and will be introduced to concepts such as IDEs, software frameworks, working with code repositories, automated testing and continuous integration pipelines.

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