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Data Analytics Class S2021

We are really excited to announce that we have kicked off our first cohort for our Data Analytics classes!

Our classes take place twice a week at the Doctors of the World building at Sapfous 12, Athens Greece and will continue until the end of July.

In our pilot programme we have 12 students from various countries such as Syria, Romania, Afghanistan, Ghana, Algeria, Nigeria, Kongo, Cameroon and Sierra Leone. They were all referred to us by our NGO partners who specialise in the field such as Human Rights 360, Diotima, Generation 2.0 and SolidarityNow.

Our volunteer trainers specialise in Data Analytics and are really excited in teaching our students.

Our full programme is eight months long. We have received a lot of new demand from students for our September cohort and we are gearing towards setting up more classes.

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